March 16, 2013

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Small things in life

February 7, 2010

Small things in life make you happy. Slow songs on a lazy sunday afternoon. Satisfaction in your life that everything around looks +ve. Happiness all around.

Mommy had her gallbladder removed. Stones were the reason.

House is all settled. Mrs is happy. And that makes me happy.

Oh, i love my Fast net. 1.3gb of bryan adams discography done in around 5 hours. Mrs is happy 🙂

Went dancing yesterday! and I danced! Marriage changs people

Words of a tall married guy

February 3, 2010

A story. (no, not mine. satchi! ok maybe mine)

One fine morning, Mrs gets up and after some time, decides to clean her comb. Its a concept not known to the males. Anyway, once the decision was made, tools were required to finish the job. Another concept not known to the males, tooth brush makes nice comb cleaning device.

In she goes, and out she comes. The small cupboard in the bathroom had one less thing in it now.

“Vish, your tooth brush is getting old now, time to buy a new one”, said Mrs while wiping her feet on the bathroom doormat.

I was still sleeping 😦 hadnt even brushed that morning till then 😦

Office Khali.

February 17, 2008

Something good came out of the Writers Strike.

I had nothing to do, nothing to watch. So i downloaded The Office. All 4.5 seasons of that. Its weird. It comedy, but doesnt leave you happy.

Indian TV Industry came to a new low today. There was a 30 min or more long special about “The Great Khali”. The tagline was “Khali banjao bajrang bali”.

I love my life which has no TV.

Oh, about the subject line, tomorrow is the day when i move into nvidia’s new office space for mobile division. I have a bad feeling. The fun office life is going to turn into boring life.

Playing tag

February 12, 2008

It’s been so long since someone tagged me! Thank you DC! Yayy! All the people I’ve tagged better play too or you shall regrat it!

No intentions to regrat it. Hence:

Ten things I miss in my life (in no particular order):

1. Walkin the campus. Late nights.

2. When i was a kid, i LOVED making small fire. Seems, the elder you get, the more things you cant do. 😦 i want to have a small fire .. just so that i can run around to get more fuel for it.

3. I used to have LOUD music in my room. I loved it. I love it. I will love it. Stupid people in society dont let me …

4. I played guitar. for somereason, i stopped doing that. I loved it. I love it. I have started again.

5. I used to play basketball. It was an integral part of my life. I loved it. I love it. I have started again.

6. I used to play a lot of computer games. I stopped that for some reason. At least on my laptop. Office CS sessions dont count. Then i realised, i should start again. I did. I am a gamer again 🙂

7. I had a decent female company when i was in college. Always someone to talk to and hang out with. All have gone to different colleges now. And, they, i miss the most now.

8. I loved flying Kites when i was a kid. I love it still. Stupid concrete jungle…..

9. When I used to go home from college, summer vacation etc, a whole big group of my schoolmates used to gather and we used to play ALL DAY LONG. Schedule involved coming home for eating sleepig and taking a bath. Thats it. We played Cricket, Badminton, Squash, Basketball, Volleyball, Billiards, did some swimming .. all of it, EVERYDAY. I wish i can get such a schedule back.

10. I was thin. I had a flat tummy.

Ten things I want to achieve in a decade from now.

1. Have a fleet of RC planes. And fly them everyday.

2. Dunk.

3. Sports bike.

4. Rear Wheel drive High torque car.

5. A house, with a lawn. Away from City. Away from Concrete jungle.

6. Little Wing, Blood Brothers, Hallowed be thy name.

7. A real life pilot too. With a license.

8. Have a small workshop of my own, with 100000 tools in it.

9. “Profession” on some social network site should say “Scientist”.

10. Be with all the people I love.

People i Tag, if they read this that is.



d0d0, if he replies in poems only.


Imram Bhai. (dont know where he is though.)

3/5 are my seniors! i guess i miss them too 😛

Air Borne

January 19, 2008

I had decided that i will update once i am air borne.

After a LONG time. LOTS of modification. Literally reinventing the wheel and lots of other important things. Making another model. breaking and making things again… and again .. and again … and again.

Anyway, today my plane actually took off. YES IT DID.

Oh, the pics were of Mig29 model 🙂  i am right now flying a trainer 🙂 Pics later 🙂

Day 2

December 7, 2007

Tasks Done:

1. Rudders

2. ailerons

3. front top part.

4. sticking everything together.

Tasks left:

making it look like the real one does.

adding all the electronics!! (the expensive part)

Day2 pic1Day2 pic2

Any guess which plane this is?

and so it begins … DAY 1

December 5, 2007


As on “Day 1”.

Tasks Done today:

1. locate the Shop where i can get Depron.

2. Bought 3 sheets of depron, some markers, a blade and a scale.

3. cut out the engine frame, the main body and the vertical stabilizers.

Total spendings till now: Rs 200.

Total spendings expected if I go through with this till the end. Rs 18,000/-  (including a whooping 13K which can be reused over and over again, even with different models)

Wish me Luck and send me some money!!!

Oh, yeah. The photo was taken with an iphone 🙂 more on that later.

Indian Car industry

November 30, 2007

Yesterday was a big day i guess.

i saw an add of :




in TOI. I guess good times are coming … .

Microsoft Help…

October 29, 2007

Intelligent MS Help

Can someone please explain what this means? My NEW password should be at least 2 days old?